College Health & Safety Documents

This written document establishes the manner in which laboratories in the college address safety and health within their laboratories.

This Lift Plan template is provided for use by members of the Ira A Fulton College of Engineering. It is designed for lifts involving the bridge, rail, or gantry cranes within the college 

This checklist is to be used when performing a pre-use inspecton of a college crane

Inspection checklists for four different types of slings. These checklists are to be used when performing pre-use inspectons

This Electrical Safety Program is limited in scope to the work performed by members of the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology.

Use this checklist to perform mandatory pre-use inspections of forklifts

This checklist is provided as a tool that can be used to help identify hazards associated with the work you perform. This checklist can be used when performing Risk Assessments.

Use this matrix in accord with the college Chemical Hygiene Plan and the Safety Risk Assessment YTraining.

This example SOP provides a suggested format for Standard Operating Procedures laboratories are creating to address chemical usage

This is a template laboratories can use to create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that relates to the use of hazardous chemicals in a laboratory. Note: the format for this template varies from the Standard Operating Procedure Example in order to provide multiple formats.