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The Dean's Circle


Established in 2015, the Dean's Circle consists of donors who have significantly contributed ($1,000 or more) to the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology in the last year, as well as a special group of lifetime members.  The generous friends and alumni in the Dean's Circle have made wonderful learning opportunities possible for our students.  For more information about the Dean's Circle, please contact Assistant Dean Jim Trent (801-422-1374, or via email). 

Scholarships & Mentorships

Scholarships, even small ones, make a big difference to many students, helping them to stay in school while supporting themselves and their families. Mentorships are opportunities for students to be immersed in research early in their college careers. Their one-on-one interaction with a faculty member during the research process better prepares them for further education and their future careers. These interactions are possible because of the generosity of our Dean's Circle. 

Capstone Design Projects

Dean’s Circle donations have provided support for a number of capstone design projects. These projects provide students with realistic design experiences where they must build and test hardware. Some of the projects supported by donors are national or international design contests where our students compete (and usually do well) against teams from other universities. Other projects involve humanitarian engineering, where our students design new devices to help people live more productive lives.

Study Abroad Support

Dean's Circle donations have provided many of our students with the opportunity to practice their engineering and technology skills in international settings. In 2016, more than 170 students participated in technical study abroad programs in places such as China, Singapore, Europe and South America. Each received some financial assistance.

Other College Priorities

The college has enjoyed strong growth the past ten years. External funds have helped us continue to provide a quality education to an increasing number of students. For example, donated funds have allowed us to hire several new staff members to provide assistance to students and leverage the efforts of faculty. Unrestricted funds are particularly helpful in this regard.


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