Undergraduate Opportunities

As an undergraduate student at BYU, you can have the opportunity to work side-by-side with world-class faculty at the cutting edge of their disciplines. Student mentoring through research is an important part of who we are and what we do in the college of engineering and technology. Even beginning students can participate in research as part of a team of faculty, graduate students and other undergraduates as they work together to make discoveries and improve our quality of life. 

Mentored research experiences prepare students for graduate studies and/or the workplace, and are frequently the highlight of a student’s education. Consider the following quotes from students:

“I really enjoyed all of the hands-on research and problem solving I got to do. I feel that the experience helped prepare me for a job in the real engineering world more than most of my classes did. It has given me the desire to eventually continue my education and research opportunities."

Rebecca Brenning (BS ’06 Electrical Engineering), Raytheon Engineer
My second semester I was in a materials science class, and just out of the blue the professor asked if anyone wanted to do research with him. I felt like it was an answer to a prayer… He [my advisor] specifically works to get undergraduates involved at a level that at a typical university would be reserved for graduate students… I got an amazing education that I don’t think I would have received had I gone to any other place in the United States or the world. Being here has really shaped the things I will be able to do in the future.”
Colin Landon (BS ’08 Mechanical Engineering), recipient of both a $100k-plus NSF Graduate Fellowship and a National Defense Graduate Fellowship worth $200,000; currently a Ph.D. student at MIT.

Make plans to take advantage of this opportunity. For details on how you can be involved in research as an undergraduate student, please click on one of the links below:

The university provides limited amount of funding to students. Please click here for more information.