Derek Hansen's Projects

HCI + Game Design + Public Good + Great Collaborators = ...

The Eureka Trail

The Eureka Trail mobile app promotes physical activity among friends who virtually trek across the plains during the gold rush.

Loomvue language learning browser

The LoomVue Chrome Browser Extension helps you learn a language without trying.


Cybermatics is a Playable Case Study focused on cybersecurity penetration testing.

The Tessera

The Tessera Alternate Reality Game explores computational thinking skills and dispositions among teens.

Tessera Inventors Cards

The Tessera Inventors STEAM card game introduces historical inventors and inventions.

Sketchventor verb and invention card

The Sketchventor card game inspires creative ideation by combining historical inventions and verb cards.


The DUST alternate reality game explores scientific inquiry among teens.

Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry

The Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry (AGOG) alternate reality game explores counterfacual thinking, STEM, and information literacy.

Rithmatist Player

The Rithmatist is an action battle game played by drawing, based on the Brandon Sanderson novel and created by my BYU IT Capstone team.


Microcore is a Playable Case Study focused on workplace communication and argument writing.

FitPlay Games

FitPlay Games is a mobile app that adds a gaming layer to Fitbit data. Received honorable mention in 2016 Student CHI Serious Games competition.


Floracaching is a gamified citizen science app for collecting plant phenology data.

Odd Leaf Out

The Odd Leaf Out citizen science game helps identify mistakes in a leaf classification dataset.


NodeXL is a network visualization and analysis tool built into Excel and customized for social media network analysis.

Veiled Viral Marketing

Veiled Viral Marketing supports sharing information about stigmatized illnesses anonymously through social networking sites.

About Me

Derek L. Hansen is a Professor at Brigham Young University's School of Technology's IT & Cybersecurity program where he teaches Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Web and Social Media Analytics, Web Development, and Interdisciplinary Innovation Design courses. His research focuses on understanding and designing social technologies, tools, and games for the public good. He has received over $2 million in grants (as PI or co-PI) to help develop and evaluate novel technical interventions, games, and simulations with highly talented faculty, students, and professionals from a variety of disciplines. See his Google Scholar profile for publications. Dr. Hansen received his Ph.D. in 2007 from the University of Michigan's iSchool. He then worked at the University of Maryland's iSchool until 2011 where he was a member of the Human Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) and Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Communities and Information (CASCI).