Teaching Leadership

Purpose of the Leadership Initiative

The leadership initiative will provide opportunity for all engineering and technology students, staff and faculty to develop increased leadership capacity in order to more fully achieve the purposes of a BYU education, contribute to the building of the Kingdom, and fulfill their professional and personal missions.

This site offers prepared teaching resources that faculty can use in their courses to teach, review, encourage, and assess leadership.

Leadership Videos

Resources for teachers and students to help teach and learn important leadership principles and can be found on the Weidman Center's leadership videos page.

Leadership Videos

Activities and readings

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ACET Tales from the Trenches - Experiences and advice from ACET members on leadership.

Adversity - List of quotes on the function of adversity in creating and developing leaders.

An Effective Leader - One page document written by Ken Solen listing qualities of an effective leader. Could be used as a discussion topic in a class.

Developing Team Leadership Skills - 15-30 minute in class group activity meant to teach students that a team leader/facilitator can enhance even small group tasks and to help students practice the behavior.

Dilemma Resolution - 15 page article on how to resolve dilemmas using principles from Doctrine and Covenants section 9 as a model.

Honor Without Criticism - 2-4 minute in-class activity where the faculty shares a brief experience of a faculty member in industry that illustrates that trust through good choices without criticism can be an effective and important leadership principle.

Integrating Life-Long and Short-Term Goals - 15-30 minute in-class or take-home assignment meant to help students understand how their short-term goals and activities must be directed toward those things they wish to accomplish in the longer term.

Leaders: Born or Made - List of quotes on the nature of leadership.

Leadership in the Church and Workplace - 5-10 minute in-class activity helping students recognize the leadership experience they already have and how it can apply to the workplace.

MBTI Typing Exercise - Two-page handout to be used in class or as a homework assignment that breaks down the general categories of the MBTI personality types and offers students a chance to self-evaluate their type.

Moral Foundations - 22 page article by Ron Terry titled "Becoming One with Christ', explaining Christ as the foundation for ethical behavior.

Moral Leadership - 13 page article reviewing principles of moral leadership as exemplified by Jesus Christ.

Pattern of Integrity - 13 page article by Val Hawks describing a pattern of integrity as understood through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Personal Anecdote about Leadership - Brief leadership experience from Rollin Hotchkiss that faculty can share in their course.

Remaining True to Yourself - 1-2 minute in-class activity where the faculty shares an experience of another faculty in industry in order to remind students of who they are and how standing up to who they are can positively influence others.