Study Abroad 2014

All information sessions will be in the Weidman Center for Global Leadership (264 Clyde).

Click on the name of the program to access details concerning each study abroad experience. This includes an overview of the experience, student costs, faculty director contact information, application process and deadlines, and much more. You can also access study abroad information by visiting the The Kennedy Center's program page.


Global Leadership - China

Prepare to be a global leader by increasing your leadership and global agility through the Foundations of Global Leadership Course in China and gain practical experience in Chinese language, culture and history.

All Engineering and Technology students


Global Product Development - Europe

Appreciate first-hand how global companies approach issues associated with a global product development and how globalization affects us.

All Engineering and Technology Students


International Product Design and Development - Singapore

Develop your knowledge of product design and development while working as an internationl team with students from the National University of Singapore and Penn State University.

All Engineering and Technology students interested in design


Global Engineering Outreach - Peru

Students participating in the GEO class in Peru do more than gain international experience. They use their technical education to change lives through humanitarian engineering with a focus on sustainable technologies.

All Engineering and Technology students



Manufacturing Engineering Internship - China

Expand your opportunities by participating in this technical study abroad while completing an international internship in China!

Manufacturing Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering


Mega Infrastructure - China

Study some of the largest skyscrapers and most complex transportation and water systems in the most populous country in the world.

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Latin America, Challenges in Water Resources - Mexico and Dominican Republic

Work with govement agencies or alongside students from international universities while applying water resources models and methods to critical problems faced in Latin America

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Latin America Transportation -Mexico

Solve current transportation problems existing in Mexican communities.  Build your connections by working with students and faculty from partnering institutions in Mexico.

Civil and Environmental Engineering


International Mega Construction - China

Experience construction of some of hte largest skyscrapers and other challenging infrastructure in the most populous country in the world.

Construction Management and Facility and Property Management