Global Leadership

A Growing Need

The challenges of competing in a global economy and addressing the problems facing humankind require globally competent leaders with strong technical skills.  There has never been a time that leaders are more desperately needed.  In the following video, Dean Alan Parkinson explains the need for global leaders.



We aspire to create in our students the desire and foundational capabilities to develop into global leaders. This foundation for global leadership is based upon the focus areas of leadership, global competence, character development and innovation.  Global leadership can be defined by breaking it down into two categories:


Leadership is the ability to intentionally and positively influence others to achieve a common goal.  Effective leaders transmit confidence and excitement to those they lead.  they inspire those they work with.  Under thier guidance, there is an increase of growth, innovation, and success.

Global Agility

Essential for success, global agility is the ability to:

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