Chinese Flagship

The Ira A Fulton College and the Weidman Center for Global Leadership see the BYU Chinese Flagship program as an excellent opportunity for our students to develop their Chinese language skills while simultaneously working on their technical degrees.      

"Learning Chinese will provide more future opportunities than any other time investment you can make!  According to the US government, Chinese is one of the most important critical languages in the world today; US/China bilateral political relations will shape the future global landscape and Chinese is certainly the most important "business language" you can learn.  You will be able to use Chinese in almost anything you do in the future.  Learning this language will open doors that you can't even imagine.  This has certainly been the case in my life."  --Mike Hoer, executive director, Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial and member of the BYU Advancement Council for Engineering and Technology (ACET)

What is Flagship?

The mission of the Brigham Young University Chinese Flagship Center is to help students gain professional proficiency in Chinese during their undergraduate studies.  It will provide you with all the tools necessary to succeed in a professional Chinese-speaking context within your field, whether domestically or internationally. 

BYU Chinese Flagship is an intense and rewarding language program that correlates with your existing career goals. It has three phases:

  • Language study at BYU in preparation for a year in China
  • Direct enrollment in Nanjing University in China
  • Internship in a Chinese institution in your field of study


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