College Personnel Directory

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Terri Bateman
(801) 422 2180
246-F EB
College Personnel
Mechanical Engineering

Adjunct Professor

Women Student Initiatives


Matt Bean
(801) 422-3543
246-C EB
College Personnel

College Controller

  • Manages financial planning, budgeting and reporting for college
  • Trains department financial personnel
  • Oversees financial policy compliance
  • Protects research and donor resources
Bryan Bowerman
(801) 422-3790
246-H EB
College Personnel

College Academic Advisor

  • Provides information and advises students regarding majors, choosing classes, changing majors and university policy
  • Assists college advisement center supervisor with new student orientation, seminars and other events that promote the college
  • Works in combination with college departments to clear undergraduate students for graduation and submit their names to Graduation Services
Bryant Brown
(801) 422-6589
240-N EB
College Personnel

College Health and Safety Officer

  • Creates and maintains a safe work environment within the college
  • Helps protect the university from citations and lawsuits pertaining to health and safety
  • Evaluates college for hazardous working conditions and recommends corrections
  • Works with faculty and departments to develop and implement safety programs
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Heather Conover
(801) 422-0124
246-E EB
College Personnel
Weidman Center

Weidman Center Coordinator

Jordyn Crowley Watts
(801) 422-3948
240-K EB
College Personnel

Communications Manager

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Therin Garrett
(801) 422-4550
108 CTB
College Personnel

PML Manager of Operations

Jon Grotegut
(801) 422-5867
220-B EB
College Personnel

Dean's Office CSR


Responsibilties include:

Active Directory, Web Infrastructure.

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Mimi Hanks
(801) 422-6315
240-C EB
College Personnel
External Relations

College External Relations

Maddie Hunt
(801) 422-4327
240A EB
College Personnel

College Executive Assistant

  • Manages scheduling for college office
  • Organizes travel for college office
  • Compiles data for rankings and produces college reports
  • Supervises student secretaries
  • Plans and organizes college events
  • Oversees hiring of all students employees and approves timecards
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Michael Jensen
(801) 422-5736
240-E EB
College Personnel
Electrical and Computer Engineering



  • Strategic Planning
  • Faculty issues, including AIR/CS
  • Fundraising
  • Resource Allocation
  • University Issues
  • Work with Department Chairs
Tony Jewkes
(801) 422-7264
245-M EB
College Personnel

Employee Relations and External Relations Manager

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Monte Marshall
(801) 422-1828
246-L EB
College Personnel

Career Placement Liaison

Lissa Matthews
(801) 422-5810
240-L EB
College Personnel

Assistant to the Dean

  • Manages faculty and staff contracts and salary issues
  • Approves graduate student theses and dissertations
  • Manages college space allocation and use, and classroom scheduling
  • Coordinates college-level fellowships, scholarships and grants
  • Serves as backup for controller on financial issues
  • Oversees student organizations and serves as co-advisor for the student Engineering and Technology Leadership Council
Tim W. McLain
(801) 422-6537
240-I EB
College Personnel
Mechanical Engineering

Associate Dean


  • Research proposal approvals
  • Graduate programs and advisement
  • Research development and internal funding
  • Adjunct faculty and faculty development
  • New building coordination
  • AIR/CS
Andrea Merriman

BYU Career Services

College Personnel
Conrad Monson
(801) 422-7722
275 MB
College Personnel

Research Development Specialist

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Chelita Pate
(801) 422-8769
204 HRCB
College Personnel

Kennedy Center Liaision for International Study Programs

  • Collaborates with faculty, departments and the college to develop international study programs
  • Establishes policies and procedures for international study programs
  • Approves and evaluates new and existing programs
  • Creates and approves study abroad program budgets
  • Trains study abroad program directors
  • Maintains relationships with local providers
  • Handles emergencies before and during programs
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Brent Smith
(801) 422-7512
CTB 308
College Personnel

College Computing Administrator


CAEDM Manager

Nicole Stewart
(801) 422-4328
246-G EB
College Personnel

Manager of Student Experiences

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Jim Trent
(801) 422-1374
240-G EB
College Personnel
External Relations

Assistant Dean

  • College development
  • Fundraising and donor interaction
  • College gifts
  • Student placement & career services
  • College internships
  • Alumni relations
  • External academic programs
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W. Vincent Wilding
(801) 422-2393
240-H EB
College Personnel
Chemical Engineering

Associate Dean


  • Undergraduate programs and assessment
  • Undergraduate curriculum and advising
  • General Ed/University Core/Service Courses
  • Space
  • Safety
  • Clubs
  • Clyde Building repurposing
  • Weidman Center and International Programs
  • Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Career Fair
Pam Williamson
(801) 422-4325
246-J EB
College Personnel

College Academic Supervisor/Student Service Center Manager

  • Directs the operation of the College Advisement Center
  • Assists students in meeting their educational goals in an effective and timely manner
  • Provides information regarding majors, choosing classes and changing majors
  • Manages new student orientation, college recruiting activities and graduation