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Funding Priorities

Help Develop Global Leaders

Humankind is facing daunting challenges: clean water, new energy sources, protecting the environment—and engineers and technologists will play a major role in solving these problems. BYU students are being prepared to lead the way. Donations make possible learning opportunities we otherwise could not do, such as research mentorships, study abroad programs and design competitions. These opportunities are building the next generation of technical leaders. Your donation, large or small, makes a difference. Thank you!

Current Funding Priorities

New Engineering Building

On May 9, 2016 BYU broke ground on a new engineering facility at the south end of campus, adjacent to the Clyde Building. With collaborative team spaces and cutting-edge equipment, the building will assist us in providing essential technical and leadership experiences for our students. Your contribution to this building will have a lasting impact on the university and its students for decades to come. Sponsorship opportunities are still available through the BYU Industry Alliance

Support Experiential Learning

Mentorships, research, internships, study abroad, design competitions, capstone projects—by supporting experiential learning in the college, you provide immersive, life-changing experiences that prepare BYU students to be leaders in the technical world. Giving to the College Annual Fund assures your donation will be used where it is needed most.

Establish an Endowed Scholarship

You can establish an endowed scholarship with a donation of $60,000 (half-tuition) or $120,000 (full-tuition) made in payments over five years.  For information on how to establish an endowed scholarship, please contact Mike Davis at (801) 422-1130 or Jim Trent at (801) 422-1374. 


Members of the Advancement Council for Engineering and Technology (ACET) commit to an annual donation to the college. These funds are used to establish new programs in the college, including study abroad programs, international internships, entrepreneurship programs and more.

Give to a Specific Department or Program

All of the programs in the college have their own specific needs. You can donate to a specific program. Use the "Search additional funds" box to find other programs within the college and university.

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