New Freshmen and Transfer Students


We are excited you are exploring Brigham Young University. 

We hope to answer some questions about preparing for your college career and what to expect from it.

What should I expect my first year?

The Office of First-Year Experience is the best resource for students who want to know more about their first year at BYU. This office specially tailors programs to help students explore and enjoy BYU. While all these programs are useful, our favorites are New Student Orientation and Freshman Mentoring. We strongly recommend participating in both of these programs. 

How many credits should I take my first semester?

Most students like to complete 30-36 credits each school year. Some students attempt to take 16 or more credits in both Fall and Winter semesters and to not work during Spring or Summer terms. We find that most students are happier and have better performance if they take 12-15 credits in Fall and Winter semesters, and enroll in 6-12 credits across Spring and Summer terms.

Will my classes transfer from another University?

Most universities have official lists of how courses from other universities will transfer, if at all. These are often called articulation agreements or transfer equivalencies. BYU Enrollment Services maintains an up-to-date database of BYU's transfer equivalencies.

What classes should I take my first semester?

Our list of majors and minors has a short list of recommended first semester classes for each major. For more information, consult a major's Major Academic Plan (MAP) or contact us

A major's seminar class: We strongly recommend taking a seminar class for the major that most interests you, if one exists. Most majors in the College of Engineering have one of these seminar classes. In these seminar classes, students learn from guest speakers, start working with a faculty member, explore different technical electives within the major, and prepare to apply for limited enrollment programs (when applicable). If a seminar class exists for a major, it is included in that major's list of recommended first semester classes, found on our list of majors and minors.

A math class: We strongly recommend that new students start math courses their first year, continuing from their current level. Many students start with Math 112 (Calculus 1), but we recommend that students who haven't taken a math class in a long time for any reason (e.g. serving a mission) take Eng T 295R (Engineering Math Refresher). This class quickly review content found in Math 112 and 113 (Calculus 2). If you feel like you aren't ready for Math 112 or Eng T 295R, we recommend taking both Math 110 (College Algebra) and Math 111 (Trigonometry). Some students come to BYU having already received credit for Math 112 and/or Math 113. While these students are permitted to continue taking higher level math courses, we recommend taking Math 112 and/or Math 113 anyways. Most students who do this are grateful for the extra preparation for more difficult, advanced math courses. For more information, visit the Mathematics Department's answer to this question.

In addition to standard semester and term options, students may register for an accelerated form of Eng T 295R that takes place the week before Fall semester begins.

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