Graduating Students


   Instructions for Graduation Ceremonies   


Graduation occurs four times a year, in the months of April, June, August, and December. However, graduation ceremonies (Commencement and Convocation) only occur at the April graduation. Students graduating at any time in an academic school year are invited to attend April graduation ceremonies. Graduation Services will notify students of graduation deadlines and procedures via email. This email will also verify how the student name will appear on the diploma. If the name is spelled incorrectly or a student would prefer a different name, reply to the email or contact Graduation Services directly at B-150 ASB or (801) 422-7675.

Although students may complete all required coursework for their major, students are still required to officially apply for graduation. Students who do not apply will not be considered for graduation. Students must submit their graduation application several months in advance. Deadlines vary. Students are expected to apply for the graduation that immediately follows their final semester or term of required coursework. For example, if a student plans to complete their required coursework in Winter semester, that student would be expected to apply for that April's graduation.

To apply for graduation:

  1. Students must have an active ecclesiastical endorsement that covers the expected graduation date.
  2. Visit MyBYU > Campus Links > School > Apply for Graduation (Login Required) and complete the application form.
  3. Students will be charged a one-time $15.00 fee.
  4. Students must meet with a college academic advisement counselor. Contact us to schedule an appointment.
  5. Students may have additional requirements for graduation depending on major, department, or individual circumstances. For more information, please contact your department.

Students may petition for exceptions to standard graduation procedures. To petition, contact us. Some common petitions include:

  • Applying for graduation after the application deadline has passed
  • Having a spouse or family member walk with a student at convocation, if the spouse or family member is graduating in the same academic school year

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